Flat pack furniture can be the stuff of nightmares, striking fear into the heart of even the most experience home DIYer. The instructions alone can appear to be written by sea octopus or space mathematicians. However it doesn’t always have to this way. By following our using guide you can select quality flat pack furniture and construct them swiftly and safely. Furniture designed for home assembly is considered so difficult that their are specialist services who will visit your home to construct flat pack furniture!

The History of Flat-Pack Furniture

Furniture, which is also referred to as ready-to-assemble or knock down furniture, is quickly growing in popularity. It began in Sweden in the 1980’s when a man struggled to get a table home in his car and decided to take it apart and reconstruct it. Then copying the idea to allow other people to simply transport tables.

Starting With Flat-Pack Furniture

With self assembly furniture all of the parts are cut to size with the inclusion of predrilled holes where necessary. When jumping in at the deep end of flat pack furniture construction it can be similar to solving a jigsaw puzzles with all the wrong pieces. To prevent this one of the first steps is to fully understand the finished furniture item. You should also fully understand how the item of furniture is held together.

Manufacturers of flat packed furniture have gone to great lengths to develop the furniture pieces so they can constructed much easier than ever before, providing gone to the effort of marking the pieces wherever possible to make construction even easier.

Providing the latest in fixtures and fastenings. Now, when you buy and construct flat pack furniture you get a solid piece of professional looking furniture.

To do this is it essential you fully understand what you are constructing and fully read the instructions before you begin. The most effective method of constructing self assembly furniture is to clear plenty of space – maybe more space than you will ever need. You should also separate your flat pack furniture out into the relevant parts into segments. For examples with drawer units put these separate for when you come to finish your piece of furniture. You should also construct the piece of furniture close to where the finished item will be used.

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